My Guitar As A Medicine

A social and artistic project for hospitalized patients, disabled and at end of life.

Relaxing for them, beneficial for you

“Music soothes those moving day nerves”, as the proverb says; music becomes a precious remedy for the soul. Music can make a condition of residence more comfortable. It permits to calm down the hospitalisation stress, nursing homes, and other related places.

It is for you a precious asset for your patients satisfaction, and to improve your establishment image.


Music As A Medicine

Benefits of music and non-drug therapies are not to be proven any more: improve humor, reduce anxiety, put imagination at work and open to others.

Music produces emotions regulation and also activates some parts of the brain, augment pleasure, and also general well being.


My Guitar As A Medicine

My music is sweet and meditative. I composed several tracks aimed to be performed during therapy, as “Sur les nuages”, “Méditation” or “Souvenirs”.
Other tracks were written in this situation, and will be part of an incoming album or performed live for your patients.

I visit you at your place with my instrument to propose a well being moment and comfort for your patients, with all kindness.

Should you wish to propose this experience to your patients at your healthcare center, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Science talks about it !

You will find here some publications that proves all the benefits of therapy by music :

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