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Modern guitar lessons, for all levels.

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After 25 years of practicing, I put my skills at your service to propose guitar lessons adapted to all levels.
Lessons are made via visioconference, each session is 1h long. The lesson can be proposed in French, English or Portugeese.

Don’t you know where to start? Send me an email with a short video of your play, I make an analysis and propose a fully adapted program for you.

Ready ? You can book your lesson ! If you have any question, contact me !

Pedagogy: :

I propose a program adapted for every one’s needs. You’ll learn to perform famous tracks according to modules to practice. I particularly compose tracks that meet students’ needs.

Here are modules that I propose:

Guitar basics:

Rhythm practice, right hand, left hand, arpeggios, pick practice, etc

Fingerstyle guitar:

Percussive, polyphony, tapping, harmonics, etc

Learn songs :

Can’t you play a tune that you want to learn? I make you practice exercises that help you master the difficulties of the track, and reach your goal!

Musical theory:

Solfeggio, chords construction, teaching scales, harmonics, etc


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Guitarist for nearly 25 years. At first in rock and metal, I discovered fingerstyle guitar in 2008 and decided to devote myself to it since then.
Fingerstyle guitar is an instrumental acoustic style mixing innovative techniques as polyphony, percussive guitar or 2 hands tapping. Its particularity is to be able to perform those techniques together, giving the impression of presence of 2 or 3 musicians on a single guitar.

In 2017, I finished my training to devote to composition. Inspired by my melancholic moods. My music can be both influenced by my first rock loves than sweet and hovering. Late 2017, I released my first single, MADRID, then my first album, “Un voyage Isolé”, in June 2020.

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