Music, my biggest passion ever.



Guitarist for nearly 25 years. At first in rock and metal, I discovered fingerstyle guitar in 2008 and decided to devote myself to it since then.
Fingerstyle guitar is an instrumental acoustic style mixing innovative techniques as polyphony, percussive guitar or 2 hands tapping.
Its particularity is to be able to perform those techniques together, giving the impression of presence of 2 or 3 musicians on a single guitar.

In 2017, I finished my training to devote to composition. Inspired by my melancholic moods. My music can be both influenced by my first rock loves than sweet and hovering. Late 2017, I released my first single, MADRID, available on all streaming platforms.

September 2019, I’m hospitalized for several weeks. No surprise, my all time best friend is here during that particular moment: My guitar.

Very soon, patients and nurses told me all the best they feel from my melancholic performance to others. A very strong experience, lived in the courtyard of Hôtel-Dieu, where my music resonated in the corridors of the hospital, received by everyone as caring and soothing.

From this stay, would come up 3 tracks, including “Hôtel-Dieu”, the main piece of music of this “Voyage Isolé” (Journey in Isolation).

Inspired by this experience and concerned to continue to spread my good vibes to others, I textualize early 2020 the project “La Guitar est un Médicament” (Gur is a Medicine), an artistic project of receptive music therapy intended to hospitalized patients, disabled and people at end of life.

This project’s process is caring, inspired by my own experience.

Health crisis of 2020 allowed me, isolated again during lockdown, to accomplish this project, by composing 6 other tracks, then to record them, at home, in a few days, the first album of this musical experience.

This is how “Voyage Isolé” is born.

If the hospital could seed the idea of the project, the lockdown and its constraints made it alive, made it concrete, by the power of isolation and inspiration that came from it.

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